Vietnam threatens to shut down Facebook over censorship requests. its censorship of “anti-state” publish for native users, but Vietnam requested
Vietnam threatens to shut down Facebook over censorship requests
Facebook complied with an authorities request in April to significantly increase its censorship of “anti-state” publish for native users, but Vietnam requested the corporate again in August to step up its restrictions of essential posts, the official mentioned.

In response to a report by Reuters, the officials have mentioned, “We made an agreement in April. Facebook has upheld our end of the agreement, and we expected the government of Vietnam to do the same.  They have come back to us and sought to get us to increase the volume of content that we’re restricting in Vietnam. We’ve told them no. That request came with some threats about what might happen if we didn’t.”

As per the report, the threats included shutting down Fb altogether in entire Vietnam, a serious market for the social media firm the place it earns an income of almost $1 billion, based on two sources familiar with the numbers.

Fb has faced mounting stress from governments over its content policies, together with threats of new regulations and fines. However, it has prevented a ban in all but the few locations where it has never been permitted to operate, such as China Country.

In Vietnam, regardless of sweeping economic reform and growing openness to social change, the ruling Communist Party retains tight control of media and tolerates little opposition.

Vietnam’s foreign ministry has mentioned that Fb should abide by native legal guidelines and stop “spreading information that violates traditional Vietnamese customs and infringes upon state interests”.

Facebook has about 60 million users in Vietnam as the main platform for each e-commerce and expressions of political dissent, which is under constant govt. scrutiny.

Vietnam's government has tried to launch home-grown social media networks to compete with the Facebook platform, but none has reached any meaningful level of popularity. Facebook is officially mentioned the corporate had not seen an exodus of Vietnamese users to the native platforms.

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