Google will make the Android Runtime (ART) a Mainline module in Android 12 and make it easier to deliver OS Updated
Project Mainline is without doubt one of the greatest changes to Android in recent times. While you as a shopper may not discover this change, it basically alters how Android operates as an open-source operating system, with extra power now resting within the palms of Google than ever earlier than. Whether this increase in control is nice or bad is a topic for a different debate.

Now, Google plans to incorporate the Android Runtime (ART) as an updatable Mainline module in Android 12. 

What's Android Runtime (ART)?

ART is the default runtime on the Android platform that was introduced back in 2013 along with Android 4.4 Kitkat. As Google says, Android Runtime is the “managed runtime used by functions and a few system services on Android“.

We can understand it in this form: ART basically translates an Android app’s bytecode into native instructions. It makes use of ahead-of-time compilation to compile applications into native machine code straight upon installation. As you possibly can guess, this can be a pretty essential performance that ideally should carry out in the identical method throughout the entire Android ecosystem.

As noticed by XDA Recognized Developer luca020400, a Google engineer has revealed that the corporate ideas to make the Android Runtime an updatable Mainline module in Android 12.

(Image Credit: xda-developers)
Google will have the ability to exercise much more control over it, according to the overarching theme of mainline modules. As we point out in our primary explainer on Project Mainline.

Android Runtime as a Mainline module would allow Google to update it while not having a system OTA update. If Google makes it obligatory for OEMs to preload a Google-signed ART module, then Google will have the ability to retain control over pushing updates to Android Runtime on all Android gadgets. Google would be able to push updates to Android Runtime by way of the Google Play Store, and OEMs wouldn’t be able to make changes to Android Runtime.

[Source: XDA Developers]

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