Google has announced that those people using Google Photos won’t get free uploads from June 1, 2021.
Google Photos
After 5 years of providing unlimited free photo backups at the high-quality resolution, Google is all set to change its limitless high-quality photos storage policy. Google has announced that those people using Google Photos won’t get free uploads from June 1, 2021.

From June 2021, when you add high-quality pictures or videos on Google Photos, then those will be counted towards your Google Drive storage limit. Google on Wednesday mentioned in a blog publish that to “welcome even more of your memories,” the corporate needs to change its storage policy.

At the starting of June 1, 2021, all of your images or videos will be counted towards the 15GB of free storage that added with each Google account/Gmail Account. In case you're unaware, Google presents a complete 15GB of free storage for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. So, if the provided storage-space will get full, then you'll have to purchase the Google One premium subscription to get extra storage for your usage.

At present, Google is providing the limitless backup possibility for high quality images and videos that you uploaded or uploading. Nevertheless, the images are automatically compressed to 16MP and videos to HD. There's additionally an Express choice, which provides free unlimited storage space, but compresses images by 3-mega pixel and videos to standard quality.

When you have opted for the Original Quality option, then the new changes would not affect you. Google already counts all of your “original quality” images towards a storage cap within its Photos application.

In case you have a Google Pixel handset, then you don’t need to fret as Google Photos will allow you to upload images and movies in a high-quality setting for free.

Google Photos Product lead David Lieb explained on Twitter that the policy of Google Photos must be changed as a result of free backups are costing high to the corporate. It's a needed step to “align the primary price” of providing free service while additionally accepting the “primary value” of online/cloud storage.

Because the changes will happen in June next year, you've sufficient time to decide. You can either accept the policy of Google or switch to another cloud storage with a good deal as compared to Google.


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