JAPAN: the town of Takikawa has now put in terrifying robotic wolves to howl at the bears and scare them
Robotic Wolf in Japan's Town
A town in northern Japan has just lately been tormented by a plethora of wild bears, roaming around neighborhoods and petrifying residents. In an attempt to prevent assaults, the town of Takikawa has now put in terrifying robotic wolves to howl at the bears and scare them off.

The residents of Takikawa, situated on the northernmost island of Hokkaido, have been more and more concerned by the potential of bear assaults, as sightings within the nation hit a five-year high, in keeping with national broadcaster NHK.

There have been dozens of reported assaults this 12 months, two of them deadly, resulting in an emergency government meeting last month to handle the difficulty.

Conservationists speculate the rise in bear assaults could also be due to a shortage of acorns within the wilderness, which has caused the bears to inch nearer to cities looking for meals ahead of hibernation. Deforestation and subsequent habitat loss have solely exacerbated the issue, in keeping with the World Wildlife Fund.

In response, the town bought and installed a couple of "Monster Wolf" robots in September. Officials not too long ago stated there have been zero stories of bear encounters since.

The scarecrow-like robots have shaggy bodies, 4 legs, blond manes, and glowing crimson eyes. If the movement detectors are activated, they move their heads, flash the lights of their eyes, and project as much as 60 equally-horrifying sounds, together with howls.

Ohta Seiki, the company behind the machine, informed Reuters that it has bought nearly 70 of the robots since 2018. They're positioned in varied places around Japan to guard crops and neighborhoods from wild animals.

In accordance with The Mainichi newspaper, the Takikawa robots mark the first time they've been put in front of homes in an try to guard people.

"We want to let the bears know, 'Human settlements aren't the place you reside,' and assist with the co-existence of bears and folks," Yuji Ota, the pinnacle of Ohta Seiki, told The Mainichi.


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