It turns out that there are also quite a few Android users ready to switch to the iPhone 12 to experience a new platform they believe offers better

According to the survey, up to a third of Android users said they were considering buying a new device in the upcoming iPhone 12 series.

Of which, about 55.9% of users were asked why they wanted to switch to the iPhone 12 because they said that the problem is not related to the phone itself, but from the operating system when iOS was the operating system. Long time update. At the same time, 48.8% of users who share the purpose switch to iPhone 12 because they want better level of personal data security.
Notably, 36.9% of respondents are willing to leave Android for a more compact device. When asked which iPhone 12 they will choose in the future, the vast majority (48.1%) choose the smallest iPhone 12.

Although the number of respondents is not large enough, some trends can be inferred based on the survey results. Users pay much attention to the quality and support of the software, in addition to compact and convenient size is also a criterion they aim for.

Here are some other summaries:
Nearly 33% of Android users see iPhone 12 as their next upgrade.

The compact iPhone 12 Mini was the most popular choice for users in the survey with a rate of 48.1%, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max (22.9%), iPhone 12 Pro (18.1%) and iPhone 12 Max (10.9%).

The reasons for giving up your current Android smartphone and switching to iPhone 12, in order of votes include: Longer software support (55.9%), Better privacy protection (48.8%), Compact form factor (36.9%), Better price (30.9%), Better features (24.7%), 5G connectivity (19%), Better UI (12 ,first%).

36% of Android users answered "Yes" when asked if they would consider buying the 2020 iPad model. Of which 66.7% of them choose the 8th generation iPad and 33.3% choose the iPad Air 2020.

Only 17.1% of Android users will consider buying the 2020 Apple Watch model, and 73.5% of them choose the Apple Watch SE and 26.5% choose the Apple Watch Series 6.

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