Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been rated in Korea. One of the voice actors for the game is also teasing at an announcement during N7 day.

The Korean Game Rating Board has rated a new version of Mass Effect. This is titled as the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It has been speculated in the past that this edition will offer a remaster of the first three Mass Effect games and reportedly release this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In an updated list of games that were rated recently by the rating board in Korea, Mass Effect Legendary Edition can be seen as one of the games.

To further add to the rumor, the voice actress for the female Shepard in the Mass Effect series, Jennifer Hale, has tweeted to fans asking them to hang together with the cast at N7 day. N7 day is usually celebrated on November 7 of every year. The name of this day refers to the N7 armor worn by Shepard in the Mass Effect series.

Based on the leaked listing and the tweet by the voice actress, it is not reasonable to suggest that an announcement for the Legendary Edition is happening soon, and if this is the case, that might be reserved for the N7 day this year.

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