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The most popular online shopping platform Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos aerospace company Blue Origin is all geared up to put the first lady on the moon by 2024 and the preparations for the take-off of the rocket are ongoing.

CEO shared a video on Instagram on Friday giving individuals a glimpse of the rocket engine being examined for the lunar flight.
The video Bezos shared reveals powerful flames popping out of the rocket engine and the video was shot at an ongoing test at NASA’s Space Flight Centre at Huntsville in Alabama.

The caption Bezos shared with the video reads: “This is the engine that will take the first woman to the floor of the Moon. The BE-7 is a high-performance, additively manufactured liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen lunar landing engine with 10,000 lbf of thrust - deep throttling down to 2,000 lbf for an exact landing on the Moon. The engine will power @BlueOrigin’s National Team HLS lunar lander. Video is from a test this week at @NASA”.

The BE-7 engine will power the Human Landing System lander that Blue Origin has been working with NASA's Artemis program to place humans on the lunar surface moon by 2024.
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This year’s World Teacher Prize has been awarded to Ranjitsinh Disale for his work helping girls in education, most of them from poor tribal communities and villages, at a village school in western India. The Indian teacher was selected from 12,000 nominations from more than 140 international locations all over the world.

The Indian teacher was announced by renowned actor Stephen Fry because of the winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2020 at a digital ceremony broadcast on Thursday from the Pure Historical past Museum in London.

Mr. Ranjitsinh Disale instantly announced he would share half the $1m prize cash with the 9 other finalists. His determination means $55,000 will go to every of the other 9 finalists from nations together with Nigeria, Italy, and South Korea.

Indian teacher is the sixth winner of the award, established by the Varkey Foundation, and is provided in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

He mentioned the worldwide coronavirus pandemic had proven the importance of education to communities. “On this hard time, lecturers are giving their best to make sure each student has access to their birthright of a good training and education,” he mentioned.

Mr. Ranjitsinh Disale added that all teachers have been “the real changemakers who're altering{changing} the lives of their school or college students” and it was in this spirit that he mentioned he was sharing his winnings with others.

Indian at present has more than 9.5 million Covid-19 cases, the second-highest on the earth after the USA. 

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A month ago, PUBG Corp. had announced in a statement that it would be merging with Krafton. This merger has come into impact at this time. With the merger now in effect, PUBG Studio will present the worldwide support for PUBG and specific PUBG Mobile variations.

The announcement was made by PUBG Corp. on 29th October
a few hours after PUBG Mobile announced that they might be terminating the services and user entry for gamers in India.

Aside from this, PUBG Studio will be increasing its business within the field of esports. Earlier, in accordance with the merger, they discussed personal information transfer, saying:

"Accordingly, personal information of PUBG users will be transferred to KRAFTON Inc. KRAFTON Inc. will retain and use personal information only within the same scope as before and within the scope of obligations under related laws. Your valuable personal information is securely protected by technical and administrative safeguards (protection measures)."

In response to the news on '', Krafton contains three different independent studios. They're: "Striking Distance Studios - Strike Distance Studio is developing a brand new game that utilizes the original worldview of 'PUBG'."

  "Bluehole Studio - Blue Hole Studio is answerable for producing PC MMORPGs similar to 'TERA' and 'ELYON'."
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Salesforce will purchase Slack Technologies(a work-chatting service) in a $27.7 billion to deal the biggest ever in the cloud computing space, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Founded on an ex-Oracle staffer Mark Benioff, Salesforce pioneered the model of delivering software through the cloud via a subscription model by challenging the traditional strategy of on-premise implementation which frequently concerned costly upfront setup and lengthy implementation cycle.

With market capitalization now at $230 billion
, has been among the large winners from disruption because of the coronavirus pandemic. Salesforce‘s robust growth has been spurred by rising demand for its online business software program that helps remote work and business.

In distinction, Slack has been struggling to completely capitalize on the swap to remote working in the course of the pandemic because it faces fierce competitors from Microsoft Corp's Teams and other office apps.

Salesforce’s acquisition suits well as a part of its grand technique to take on Microsoft. It's set to include Slack as a unified front-end to access its business enterprise suite. Microsoft Corp. has positioned its Group as a gateway to its other business application offerings.

Salesforce has launched an aggressive acquisition strategy in recent times to boost its capability to battle Microsoft. It accomplished a $15 billion-plus takeover of data-analytics platform Tableau Software program in 2019. It additionally acquired cloud-software provider Vlocity Inc. Salesforce was additionally in negotiations to purchase micro-blogging platform Twitter, however, abandoned the plan after resistance from its shareholders.
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A half-century-old science issue has been solved and will permit for dramatic changes within the combat towards diseases, researchers say.

For years, scientists and researchers have been struggling with the problem of “protein folding” - mapping the 3D shapes of the proteins which are accountable for diseases from cancer to coronavirus(Covid-19).

Tech giant  Google’s Deepmind claims to have created an artificially intelligent digital program referred to as “AlphaFold” that is ready to solve these problems in a matter of days.

If it really works, the solution has come “decades” earlier than it was expected, in response to experts, and will have transformative results in the way diseases are treated.

There are around 200 million identified proteins at present but solely a fraction has really been unfolded to completely understand what they do and how they work. Even these which were successfully understood usually depend on expensive and time-intensive techniques, with scientists spending years unfolding each structure and relying on equipment that can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars($).

DeepMind worked on the Artificial Intelligence project with the 14th Community Wide Experiment on the Critical Assessment of Methods for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP14), a gaggle of scientists who've been seeking into the matter since 1994. “Proteins are extremely complicated molecules, and their precise 3D structure is key to the many roles they perform, for example, the insulin that regulates sugar levels in our blood and the antibodies that help us fight infections,” Dr. John Moult, chair of CASP14, mentioned.

“Even tiny rearrangements of these vital molecules can have catastrophic effects on our health, so one of the most efficient ways to understand the disease and discover new remedies is to study the proteins involved.

“There are tens of 1000's of human proteins and lots of billions in other species, together with bacteria and viruses, but working out the shape of only one requires costly equipment and can take years.”

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Xiaomi Mi 11 tipped to launch in January 2021 with Snapdragon 875 SoC and 108MP Camera
As per the newest reports coming out of China, The corporate is planning to announce the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro in January 2021. Xiaomi has rumored to be working on the successor of its MI 10 series of smartphones. Anticipated to be referred to as the Mi 11, the upcoming flagship smartphones have again been tipped to launch in January 2021. 

This is in line with reliable tipster Digital Chat Station who had come out previously to speak about the identical via his Weibo account. The tipster claims that Xiaomi smartphone Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro will probably be one of the first {if not the first} smartphones in the international market to come sporting the Snapdragon 875 SoC.

Of the 2, it's undoubtedly the Mi 11 Pro that seems to be more fascinating. Reports suggest it'll house a display screen that will probably be a giant improvement over the Mi 10 Pro's which could refresh at 1080p resolution and refreshed at 90Hz. It is because the screen on the gadget is now expected to be a WQHD+ panel with four-sided curves and support for 120Hz refresh.

The smartphone can also be tipped to come with a selfie camera sensor housed inside a punch-hole on the top-left nook of the display screen.

Other than this, the smartphone has been previously tipped to come with a Snapdragon 875 SoC making it the first Chinese device to be powered by this explicit chipset. Speaking in regards to the Snapdragon 875 SoC, it's likely to comprise of 1 Cortex-X1 core, 3 Cortex-A78 cores, and 4 Cortex-A55 cores and is predicted to be around 20 % more power-efficient and 10 % more highly effective than the Snapdragon 865. In actual fact, some reports have additionally claimed that the new Snapdragon Qualcomm chipset could be faster than Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset.

The Mi 11 is predicted to comes with powerful lenses that would even eclipse the megapixel count of the camera discovered on its predecessor. It's anticipated the primary camera sensor may range from 108MP to 192MP. Other lenses could embody a 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens with upgraded picture stabilization options and a tiny 0.8 m pixel size.

Though nothing has been stated officially, the Mi 11 series is broadly tipped to be launched by the corporate in its home nation China as early as January next year. It has been claimed that originally the smartphone will probably be exclusive to the Chinese market, and will remain to be so for a couple of weeks or months, after which it's going to eventually be launched globally.
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Google has been continuously working on artificial intelligence technology for quite a long time. Google Now, A very big software giant released an AI-based web software for video game creators to easily paint distinctive and unique digital creatures from scratch.

Called as the Chimera Painter, it's a nifty software that can convert a rough(child level) digital-painting of a creature into a realistic 3D design model with superb textures and details.

All of the creators need to do is paint a creature and label its body parts for the software to recognize them.

At present, to develop the software, the creators trained the machine learning model on photos of existing animals and their body parts. The developers fed the model hundreds, thousands of CG animal photographs with labels to establish their body parts.

Following the training, the model was able to convert rough digital painting work of arbitrary creatures into real looking 3D renders. It makes use of the generative adversarial network (GAN) which suggests there are two models working in cooperation. So, the first model renders an output and the second one criticizes it till it turns desirable.

Now, the developers of the tool launched the Chimera Painter as a demo tool for all to try it out directly on the web. It provides rough paintings of 4 fantastical creatures on which you'll be able to add your individual personal touches. And when you add all of your parts, click on the transform button on the top the web software converts them into realistic textures and 3D designs.

So, if you're somebody who paints digital creatures for applications and video games, then I'm sure you'll definitely love this tool called Chimera Painter.